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Cancer Support

Any cancer diagnosis will always be a difficult time for anyone. It certainly was for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer over two and a half years ago. I write this section of the web site not only as a trained counsellor but as a lady who has experienced the dark days as well as the hope of many more good ones to come.

We all deal with things differently but coming to terms with our own mortality has a way of bringing us face to face with all that we are and value, (sometimes bringing up emotive memories).

There can be many positive outcomes from the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is not always the death sentence people initially think it might be.

It can be a time when one`s family and friends show you how much they value, love and support you and that can be a truly positive experience. However many of us feel that our family and close friends do not understand what we are going through or perhaps they are just so wrapped up in their own lives and difficulties that they have not the time or inclination to understand our world.

Sometimes it is difficult to share with the people we love because we do not want to worry or upset them. We might feel that we need to be the strong one because they are not coping well. You may just need to talk to someone who has had a similar experience.

I offer a sympathetic and understanding listening ear where you can express your fears and perhaps come to terms with your own particular cancer story. I will value you as an individual, not just another body with cancer and give you the space to voice your emotions, (anger if necessary) and the opportunity to discover how you really do feel about the whole process, whether it be disappointment, sadness, or even relief.  

This does not need to be about anyone else, just you and what you are experiencing.

Cancer is a frightening experience, but never more so than when it is not spoken about. Please do not feel or be alone, if this is you, please contact me and let me help you with your burden.

Cancer and PTSD

There have been a growing number of reports of PTSD among cancer survivors and their relatives. Most studies deal with survivors of breast cancer and cancer in children and their parents and show prevalence figures of between five and 20%. Characteristic intrusive and avoidance symptoms have been described in cancer patients with traumatic memories of injury, treatment, and death. We can also help if you or someone else you know is suffering with possible PTSD.