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Christian Counsellors in Eastbourne

At a difficult time in your life? Can't make decisions?

Nobody to confide in?

Religious issues that you can't share?

Thank you for visiting Counselling4you, Christian Counsellors in Eastbourne.  You have probably found us at a troublesome time in your life, and we know that at times like this, it can be hard to decide what to do, and even harder to know who to confide in.  If you have problems with a spiritual side, religious 'baggage' in your life that has confused or worried you, and you would like some help to deal with it, and find clarity then independent Christian counselling may be what you need.

Even in your church community some things are hard to talk about, and if you have been looking at independent help from Christian counsellors, then you have come to the right place.  It can be hard to 'let go' of things or even to uncover the real root of problems.  This is why some people need help to organise their thoughts and lay down their burdens with a counsellor.  If you have a spiritual problem, the true Healer is Jesus, and bringing a spiritual perspective by sorting through your thoughts and feelings with someone who can draw you towards the Christian answers which have stood the test of time, will bring real healing in the end. 

Christian Counsellors in Eastbourne for your problems

However difficult things may seem, you've found this page ... so if you live in the Eastbourne area, now is a good time to start to find healing for your memories, understand yourself better and come to a place of forgiveness of yourself and others.  A free chat with a trained Christian counsellor in Eastbourne will help you decide what's best for you, so please see our contact page for our details or click on our list of common problems - spiritual issues if you would like to learn more. 

As independent Christian Counsellors in Eastbourne we are able to help you dig deep, with our training as counsellors and using Godly wisdom, to gently deal with why you do the things you do, and learn to live life in a better way with the help of advice that has stood the test of time.  

Christian Counsellors in Eastbourne are Completely Confidential

Confession is good for the soul, but confidentiality must be guaranteed, and in a secure place it's good to bring problems into perspective by talking about them.  We are trained and experienced counsellors who abide strictly by the ethics of counselling.  We offer you an initial free telephone consultation with an experienced Therapist, to help you decide what is your best way forward.  Our Therapists, Adrian Spencer and Marika Welstead, are qualified and experienced Counsellors, who are also Christians.  As professional therapists, we meet so many unique and wonderful people who are struggling with real issues, and the wonderful power of Jesus Christ, who is the real Healer, to deal with this constantly amazes us.  However, our training and experience means we have a wide variety of different therapies at our disposal, as well as having spent a great deal of time counselling people of all faiths and backgrounds, with all kinds of problems.  Our spiritual counsel is therefore balanced with a very real understanding of people's emotional and psychological problems.

We will be happy to have a chat with you to decide what options would be best for you.  Feel free to pick up the phone and talk to us, or send a message through our contact page, in strictest confidence.   There is no obligation to proceed, but we hope that an initial chat will give you the confidence to delve deeper into your problems, and find the answers, knowing that you are not alone.

Adrian Spencer and Marika Welstead, Christian Counsellors in Eastbourne are based at No. 45 Enys Road, Eastbourne BN21 2DH.

Christian Counsellors in EastbourneAdrian Spencer...

I have a BSc Hons in Integrative Counselling, a Level 5 Diploma in Supervision,

I am a EMDR Practitioner, Life Coach, Creative Counsellor, Supervisor and an Accedited Member of UKCP and adhere to the appropriate practices and codes of ethics.

I also am a registered trainer in counselling & supervision for the CPCAB, training counsellors and the general public in various counselling related isues including, Mindfulness, anger/anger management, attachment, creative listening etc.

Christian Counsellors in EastbourneMarika Welstead...

I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). 

I am a counsellor, trained to Diploma level and during the last 6 years have completed over 2,000 supervised clinical hours. I recently completed Level 1 training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy techniques.

My specialities are treating those who have:

  • been emotionally, physically or sexually abused.
  • suffered bereavement and loss, eating disorders, depression and addictions. 
  • been the victim of Rape and Sexual Abuse.

My passion is helping people unlock the past enabling them to live better lives in the future.

Some people might think that the Wisdom of Solomon might not be enough to sort out their problems.  But the Power of God is strong enough to surmount any difficulties and make you stronger.  Counselling 4you offers Christian Counsellors in Eastbourne to help you sort through the baggage, unburden your load of guilt and set yourself free to live life in a new way.